Sep 30, 2015

VIP Generation 43


The 43rd generation of VIP loot is now dropping. Zynga isn't very smart with this loot. They have a banner in the game asking us to stay subscribed, re-subscribe or sign up for the first time yet they make this loot totally useless. If one were thinking about joining, this should be a sign for them not to. The 8 items are shown below.

No Thank You!


  1. Only a couple help me at all and not much. :< I been debating quitting VIP so let see what we get next month.

  2. As a long time player and VIP subscriber, it is not the loot that makes me remain a VIP-subscriber. But I would have spent the 25 dollars on RPs anyway (so I just get 250 RPs + the 24 skill points every 4 weeks) + 8 higher loot items and the VIP perks and extras (such as VIP bounty, extra time for limited time properties etc) - it all adds up. So in spite of the VIP loot no longer helping (which is dissapointing) I stay subscribed.


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