Sep 20, 2015

Stealth 7 Day Deal Promotion


The Stealth 7 Day Deal is now available. If you buy all 7 deals (45 reward points each) you will spend 315 reward points to get 28 loot items and +35 skill points which in the end isn’t even a deal. The loot items are shown below.


  1. Gotta hand Zynga one thing. They seem to have a real talent for design. Every single promotion or 7 day deal or secret district or crate I keep thinking no way are there any themes they aint yet covered. Then again I been thinking like that for about 3 years now and yet they always manage another one. I can honestly imagine when this game closes down and they have to post something about it on the forums. It'd go a little something like this ...

    Dear mobsters,

    We are sorry to inform you Mafia Wars will be closing down on (insert date here).

    The reason for the games closure is quite simply we can't think what to do next. The game is still making money people are posting enough spam we have thousands of bots online 24/7 making the click metrics look really attractive so we don't WANT to close the game down but there is nothing left for us to do. The game has had a bit of everything. In many cases we visited some themes several times.

    You can delay Mafia Wars's closure if you can think of anything else we can do as we've been scraping the bottom of the barrel for so long the barrel is now completely empty.

    Desperate design team in need of more ideas.


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