Sep 16, 2015

Siege Leagues


Zynga took a useless and complicated feature and further complicated it by creating a event called Siege Leagues. Unless you are the top dog it doesn't look like there is anything useful to be gained. The Family Siege feature does have purpose but I don't think it's what Zynga intended. The only reason most even use the feature is when the need to burn energy or stamina quickly arises. If you want to read all the instructions to figure this thing out, you deserve the top reward of 1 loot item and +50 skill points. Strategies may be posted at a later time if it's discovered that this thing is worth the efforts. Most of us just want to play the game. More details are shown below.


  1. I take back what I said earlier on Facebook. This, at least for me, is Serial Leveling nirvana.

  2. when will the siege be fixed


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