Sep 18, 2015

Siege Leagues: Advantages & Disadvantages


The gist of the Siege Leagues is to earn Seals with successful Sieges on other families. You need to earn enough Seals to climb up the ranks and eventually get to the Nuclear League. If you make it to the Nuclear League than you need to be in the Top 5 to get the loot item and +50 skill points. If you want rewards, you're family has a lot of work to do. Some who are close learned that it just might be impossible if you're strong and/or have a lot of members. If there is a leaderboard, the Vgttt Family will do everything they can to win. They had no issues getting to the Nuclear League but what happened next will most likely cause you and your family to give up hope. The Family Siege feature isn't being utilized how Zynga intended. The rewards aren't worth the effort of even understanding it. What it has become is a leveling tool especially for helper and kami accounts. Siege Leagues is only benefiting smaller families who are using the Family Siege feature to level 24/7. Shown below are some of the things that Jo Gilliam and the Vgttt Family discovered about Siege Leagues

It says right in the FAQ that the number of Seals you can win or lose depends on the strength of the enemy Family HQ. The stronger (or whatever variables Zynga uses) you are, the less Seals you can earn per Siege. What was observed is that stronger families do less damage per attack and therefore it takes longer to complete a Siege. When stronger families are up against a weaker family they also get less Seals. This is where the smaller families have the advantage. They usually get 5 Seals per win and can complete a Siege faster because they do more damage per attack. The smaller the family, the more damage done per attack. Thankfully failing to defend a Siege does not result in any lost Seals. You only lose them when you attack a family and lose. This only happens when you are unable to beat them in a 24 hour time period.
Jo Gilliam took the family of 4 that we use for the Family Business Mission and put these theories to the test. With only 3 accounts running, Jo was able to earn over 800 Seals in just a few hours and boom we were in the #1 League. As you can see from the results, it's not hard to beat a stronger family. These 3 accounts even beat Jo's main family, Vgttt!
When extremely strong families are paired up against extremely week families, the results can be devastating. At one point Vgttt was doing 0 damage per hit and the only option was to wait 24 hours or forfeit the Siege. At 50 reward points, the second option isn't very viable but the 1st option will put you out of the race.
At the time of this post, the following number of seals were needed to advance in Leagues. Scoring is dynamic so these numbers could change. UPDATE: The number of Seals required for each league has drastically changed and are shown in the 2nd column. This will probably change again. It all depends on how all families are doing. The Family Experience Bonus is added to the amount of Family Experience you get for the 1st Siege of the day. Overall it's not much but every little bit helps. If you normally get +50 Family Experience Points, you will get +67.5 if you are in Nuclear League.

Rank Name Fam Ex Bonus Seals
1 Nuclear +35% 800|385
2 Demolitionist +30% 700|352
3 Invader +25% 500|53
4 Striker +20% 400|23
5 Raider +15% 300|12
6 Skirmisher +10% 200|7
7 Bandit +5% 50|6

To further prove the theory of the small families, the Top 5 have a range of 1 to 18 members. Their Mafia Tornado pages are linked. This post was in no way made to discredit smaller families, it's only to show that stronger families are at a huge disadvantage for this event.

If you are determined to get the loot and skill point rewards, you may need to become a small family. This is a risky move because Zynga may have may have set the variable at the beginning of the event and anything you do after won't matter. Whatever the size of your family, you will need to be using a script and run it 24/7 The more players participating the better. You will also need to be prepared to buy off any Sieges in which you get 0 damage per attack. You won't be able to win and if you wait 24 hours, you will lose your place. Maybe Zynga did this intentionally but it doesn't seem right. They should evaluate and change the scoring and reward distribution systems. None of it makes sense.


  1. Another yet useless features , nosense baloney waste of time to deal with

  2. By making smaller families do more damage per account actually evens the playing field and takes away the unfairness of 100 players versus 1.

    If 1 player does 1000 damage, then 100 players should each do 10 damage (per attack).
    That removes the unfair advantage of an event where only the number of ices win, and allows a smaller family to compete.

    So it may appear unfair in the eyes of a large family, but the smaller family at least has a chance to compete.

    The problem of zero attack damage needs to be addressed, as well as when you bring the opponent score to zero, yet can not win (or attack) anymore - forcing a paid defeat to continue (or 24 hour wait).

    Being a small group of R/L friends who are not a kami family, I have never seen a 5 yet, mostly 1's with a few 3's sprinkled in for good measure.

    One thing for sure, this event will continue to change - so at least mafia wars is still profitable and zynga can toss development money at the game :)

    Maybe zynga can award each player on the nuclear tier a stupid loot item and give the top 20 a 'better' item, with the top 5 some points ??
    After all 50 rp's is not much when you level 10,000 times to win, place or show.

    The real problem is ..... There is NO WAY to stop another family from winning a siege. You never know you are under attack to defend the siege. I mean...take away the HEAL button in fights... If they ever fix that, a large family would have a distinct advantage.

  3. Since when did Zynga do anything that made sense?

    My family is moving up and down the leader board at such a rate I am beginning to wonder if there's a random number generator out there somewhere that's influencing the results.

    I do think they need to revise some aspects of this. Not being able to defend, or even see when you are being attacked, is a bit of an oversight (to put it politely). It's also a stupid idea to make it so much easier for smaller/weaker families to overcome larger ones. I hope this is a scripting error - it won't be the first time someone got the < and > signs confused. All MW has been designed around the concept of "Bigger=Stronger=Better" and to reverse this is such a brainless idea I'm surprised even Zynga could think it up.

    We got in a siege a couple of days ago where we did zero damage. I thought it was a temporary glitch, or they were somehow managing to defend. It took a long time, and a lot of effort, but we did defeat them eventually, so perhaps they had let their shield decay to the point where we could do damage. This is OK for serial minis as they can level off the XP. Not so good if you want to use your resources elsewhere.

    Thank you for figuring all this for us.

  4. Thanks for trying to explain it but our family is so small it never has the shield up to 25% LOL Im so ignoring this 'event'

  5. if my shield didn't reset back to roughly 5% every time i exit out of the game for more than a few minutes, i might care more about this event. my family hasn't been attacked in 4 days so i know that isn't the reason.


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