Sep 23, 2015

Overlords 9


The 9th Overlords Boss Fight Event is now available. We just had one of these but ok. Use the links below if you don't know what to do. If the combo breaker doesn't work it will once it's updated. The in game instructions and reward items are shown below.

Walkthrough|FAQ|Healing|Combo Breaker|Rewards


+10 Health
+6 Energy
 +6 Defense
 +6 Stamina
 +6 Attack

Ammo Items


  1. I am having problems collecting fire arrows from fighting. Can you fight from NY to use less stamina? If I fight from Los Angeles, it is taking over 200k stamina to collect the 100 fire arrows. Does anyone have any suggestions here?

    1. I get mine from Arena fights fast (but make sure not to be in NY!!)

    2. Ny is the district where some of these types of drops do not occur. best to go anywhere else.


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