Sep 4, 2015

Overlords 8


The 8th Overlords Boss Fight Event is now available. Use the links below if you don't know what to do.


  1. I am having trouble getting tarballs credited to the daily limit of 100. I do not fight in NY or enter arena from NY. Does anyone else have this issue?

  2. It took me 3 levels, at 120K stamina per level, to get all the consumables I needed from arena/fighting, and I tried a combination of both arena and fighting to get them. Usually fighting has a better drop rate than arena, but, I would get only 1 consumable per every 8k stamina, roughly. Multiples could have dropped at the same time but only one showed on the screen. It still did take me a total of 360,000 stamina to get to 100.

  3. Where is the new list of combos for the cc combo breaker?

  4. I have a question, I have done the overlords every time but as I read through the in overlords "gameplay" on the banner, it says you unlock an overlord each day, so if I collect the consumables each day, could you fight all the bosses on the last day, all in one sweep, or would you only be able to unlock one boss?

    1. you can do more than 1 boss per day... they make a new one available for unlocking each day.

      i wouldn't save them all till the last day though: don't underestimate how much time & stamina they take.


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