Sep 2, 2015

Overlords 8 Coming Soon


Another round of the Overlords is coming soon. This will be the 3rd one with the bosses shown below. Zynga will eventually run out of ideas for Ammo items and they are getting creative with them. If you use scripts to crack the combos and fight the bosses, you shouldn't mind this event. Without scripts it would be a nightmare. It's hard to just guess the combos and the cycle of attack, die, wait and heal would be pretty boring.  The best part is the mastery items come with skill points.  The 5 mastery items and 3 new Ammo items are shown below.

Mastery Items
Ammo Items


  1. Why is zynga adding all these stamina suck events in addition to f*cking carnage??? We just did an overlords event not 2 weeks ago, and now with Siege, no one is going to have enough stamina to fight and/or do arena! It takes me approximately 8 levels to defeat the very last overlord. It is ridiculous.

    1. If you collect all items every day and use them to destroy the shield of the first 3 lords only, you should be able to kill the last 2 with consumables only.

    2. I usually defeat the last overlord with the yellow combo and using up the rest of my stamina used

      Kathie E

    3. This is the only thing I enjoy doing, everything else is a bore, I agree w/ the above statements..

  2. What is this at now? 3 overloads in a month?

  3. With the spockholm script these are nice and easy, and you do at least get loot that has some value at the moment.
    Unlike Siege, which is only good as a quick way of using up stamina now that fighting just takes so long.

  4. I do the first two overlords while playing the game. Not worth my time with the rest. If they got rid of this, no big loss.


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