Sep 10, 2015

Operations Event 24 Coming Soon


Another round of Operations is on the way. The Leader/Helper loot seems more useful than in previous events so it may be worth the time to max out on it! This will be the 4th event of this type with 5 tiers of mastery. The reward and mastery items are shown in more detail below.

Leader/Helper Rewards 

Mastery Items


  1. Just what we need ...NOT!

  2. No doubt this will be released at reset :P But hey, it's not like we have any current events that require energy or stamina... so, this event will come at a perfect time :P haha...keep them coming Zynga... 4-5 events at one time is nothin' :P

  3. you are too funny, loot lady jen:: 4-5 events: nothing. i love it when sarcasm can be part of our game.


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