Sep 7, 2015

Fight Carnage Ends...Fight System Changes Begin on Sept 8th


Another installment of 'Devspeak' has been posted on the Mafia Wars Blog [1].  Fight Carnage 'the event' will end tomorrow but the fight system will return with many updates. We won't know what's staying and what's going until it happens but it's not hard to figure out if you read the update. Zynga maintains that they will continue to make adjustments so who knows what we will end up with down the road. Another survey link was posted as well. A reprint of the blog post is shown below.

Mafia Wars Devspeak: Fight Carnage Update #2


We wanted to update our player community with recent developments in Fight Carnage and changes to the Mafia Wars Fight system.

We have been continuously pushing tech changes and optimizations in our effort to make Mafia Wars more fun and to reduce performance and loading issues. However, after exhausting all possible ways to reduce performance issues through tech changes and optimizations, we were left with the option to make a few core changes to the Fight module in order to sustain the playability of the game.

With Fight Carnage, we were able to achieve significant improvement in performance, which was observed across the game and was evident in the player community. The time taken to load the game and the occurrence of the spinning revolver screen dropped significantly based on our internal monitoring.

As with every major change, this event brought a lot of feedback and a few reports of disrupted gameplay experience. We listened to our player community and have made the following improvements so far:

-XP to Stamina ratios for fighting increased to ensure that these were at par with the Pre-Fight Carnage ratios.
-The amount of LA Bucks stolen from an Attack scales with the Stamina cost of the Attack.
-Players can find out the result of an Attack on an opponent with the 5 Stamina Jab Attack.
-If you have lesser Stamina than what an Attack normally costs, then the Attack cost and damage done scales down so you can spend the rest of your Stamina in Fights.
-Each winning Attack will award 1 Win for every 5 Stamina consumed.
-The requirement for Fighting tasks in Daily Fix has been reduced.

We have also received feedback from our core fighters about how this event has reduced the amount of time that a player can Fight in a day and how the 5-second pause between each fight has disrupted the game play. We understand that these are big concerns for some of our players.

Taking into account all the feedback which we have received until now, we believe that game performance is the bigger problem which affects the entire community. Improving the performance of the game and reducing loading issues would be more beneficial for the game in the long run.

The Fight Carnage event will end on Sept 8th 2015 and the Fights system will be updated to include the changes that were tested out in this event. These changes will be implemented once Fight Carnage ends.

However, we want to reassure our community that we will continue to update Fights in order to address the issues that some of our players are facing. Below are the issues we are looking at and working to devise a fix:

-The 5-second pause between attacks and Stamina cost of attacks.
-Queued Attacks - Players can choose to click the Attack button a certain number of times, and then the game will execute them successively.
-Bringing back Boosts and Fight Crew - We will enable Boosts and the City Fight Crew with some changes to streamline them at a later date.
-Hitlist - Enabling the Hitlist is also on our to-do list.

We will update this post and will keep our community informed as and when further improvements are rolled out.

We will continue to listen to our players and make changes to Fights to address concerns.

CLICK HERE to provide your feedback and let us know your thoughts.

Thank you!

The Mafia Wars Team


  1. I have serious concerns about the future of the game. They have lied to players at the CS level. Many players were advised that fighting would be returned to exactly what it was previously, once the event ended. I will wait to complete the survey, until after carnage ends, and I can see exactly what we've been left with, but they have basically all but admitted they don't look at survey feedback, when they advised BB during her conversation with them, that they were unaware many players were having problems with carnage. It will be another waste of time to complete it.

  2. The 5 second delay between hits and 20 second health cooldown are ruining Wars and Drive By's which are core aspects of the game.

    I have already cancelled my VIP along with many others and if ZYNGA does not reduce/increase these new fight features accordingly I do not know how long we will remain loyal to the game.

  3. J.V
    instead of fucking around with fighting !!!
    why don't you stop all the spamming posts ask for parts ask for this ask for that ASK ASK ASK HELP HELP HELP ask for tomorrow ask for today ask for about anything in this game every second or minute and what not all these also give a lot of server calls to your server from Feed posts , instead why don't you stop those and let them ALL drop in Jobs/Fights/Arena ?? something that was done way before in the beginning of the game items where dropping from jobs etc for the limited time building etc etc just implement it on all ask and help events (spam fests ) this would also be good for the bond between Z and FB
    that would help in your so called "server issues" FOR SURE and then the fighting can be left as it was before.

  4. All you need to do is read the comments to their post, , to see how the true MW community feels. I think that in itself speaks volumes.

  5. At least we know Zynga actually cares about their players, now people can stop bitching

    1. won't happen.... a new round will start on the 8th

  6. It will be next to impossible fo rme to get enough fighting ices to finish an Urban Assault under the new architecture. But it was already difficult given that I don't use any scripts. At least all the attention on Fight Carnage has given me time to work on Mexico bosses.


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