Sep 28, 2015

Facebook Issues


The following was posted on the Player Support site. This happens all the time in Mafia Wars but today is special because now it's Facebook.  For the short term Zynga has someone else (beside their fighters) to blame for the server problems. Go here to check for updates.

1 comment:

  1. Haha - so, when someone else is at fault and they have someone else blame for their own incompetence they post this??? OMG, haha... and DAMN were they fast ;) Having Facebook as a scapegoat sure sped up the response time, huh Zynga? I guess when others are at fault, there's no point in turning the blind eye. Too bad you have no dignity when YOU'RE at fault... no no no, then you run and hide and pretend the world is made out of marshmallows and that all your gamers are happy... stay connected at this speed ALL of the time Zynga


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