Sep 11, 2015

Chicago Ascent Operations Event


UPDATE2: It's fixed.

UPDATE: The event isn't working at this time. When you try to get to the Operations page, either through the home banner or the Operations tab, nothing happens. If Zynga doesn't fix this is a timely manner hopefully they will reset the timer.

The Chicago Ascent Operations Event is now available. This is the 4th Operations Event with the updated format in which there are 5 categories of difficulty for each Operation (25 total). One thing that is a given in Mafia Wars is that when there are too many events, Zynga always throws in Operations just for fun. It's harder to get help when energy and stamina are needed for other things. For a walkthrough with the new format of Operations and the loot items, use the links below.


  1. Haha, not to mention the crap doesn't even work, haha... by Zynga standards... RELEASE IT... and THEN FIX IT... SO typical of them to release an event that DOESN'T work... haha... it's amazing that after all these years... they STILL throw out events that doesn't work :P Another perfect sign of their complete indifference to the game - words aren't even needed... this says it all

  2. It also affects accessing the Family Boss fight and Extortions... they are all on the Operations page - and in a perfect display of total inaptitude, Zynga, yet again, managed to render the Operations page completely useless :P Well done Zynga... pad yourselves on the shoulder for a company WELL run :D


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