Sep 30, 2015

Arena Loot Generation 33


The silver star items are for the Arena and like the rest of them are useless. I guess it doesn't matter if you rank in the top 5,000 or not. The difference is 3 more useless items in your inventory.


  1. None of it does me any good either - none at all.

  2. Having 1 million events a month, granting us 1 million loot a month, is the direct cause of ALL loot (fight-, arena-, war- and VIP-) being completely and utterly useless. And since Zynga's strategy is to KEEP pushing out 1 million events each month (2 million events in July and December - since we have the most time to play during summer vacation and Christmas vacation) ALL loot will forever be rendered useless crap. Get used to it and be glad that Zynga cares about us SO much that they are making ALL these events... which we ALL love and adore - ESPECIALLY during summer and Christmas (we can't really have TOO many events during Christmas, I mean, it's "just" Christmas, right? :P )

  3. I really don't understand why they would waste their time creating loot that is useless. The only players joining the game these days are kamis, and those who run kami accounts generally don't care about loot. They just want an account that will lose against their main. All those wasted man hours creating the junk they issue should make them want to wonder why they're working at zynga at all.


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