Sep 27, 2015

1 Free Giant Leap Frog


The Mafia Wars App is giving us 1 free Giant Leap Frog. The request can be found on the Notification page.  Not all players get these but it's worth checking your notification page. If you didn't get one, try the link below (it might work). Thanks to Pearl Goodwin for the link. I didn't get one this time.


  1. Is there anything you can do about it if you don't get one of these free loot items?

    1. No. Last time I didn't get one I turned off my notifications then turned them back on. Not sure if it worked. I got the last few but didn't get this one. I'll try it again.

  2. Thank you, got this :)

  3. Looks have to do with MW Trigger extension in chrome. No harm trying this, install MW Trigger from Chrome extension, and if you have done long time ago, check whether it's crashed and needs reloading, remove and install again, sign in on Trigger once (you can disable it later), you should be able to receive nofication for daily/ad hoc rewards... for this sale loot, once MW Trigger is on/back, try click the link posted at MWLL page by another player, see whether it works, good luck


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