Aug 3, 2015

VIP Limited Time Mission: Fashion This


The 70th Limited Time Mission in Mafia Wars is only for VIP subscribers. This is great news if you aren't in the VIP Membership Program and bad news if you are. Since Zynga knows most of the community is fed up with too many events, it would be smarter of them to offer these events to non-subscribers. It's kind of a punishment to those who are still paying. The loot rewards for this Mission can be found here. Thanks to Gloria Stevenson for the second screen shot. Sadly there will be no walkthrough as I'm no longer a VIP subscriber. I hope you can feel how bummed out I am about not being able to do this event (woo hoo!!!!).


  1. I'm happy we got it, it's not that tricky and the loot seems to be worth it

  2. I like events . And am looking forward to this . I love reading your blog although you have become a little to negative in the last couple of months . Yes loading issues bad customer service . List goes on although there is a lot of good in the game to .maybe try to be a little more positive and focus on what we all love in the game . Glass half full approach

    1. There is a lot of good things in the game too? Wow... could you please list those good things for me? I'm with Jen here... I have a VERY difficult time finding anything good in this game - so, for you to actually say you think there are a lot of good things... is very surprising to me.

      Events overload - NOT good
      Loading/server issues - NOT good
      Scripts - SO NOT good
      Copy/paste events - NOT good
      In-game errors such as loot not being added when collecting - NOT good
      A company that allows scripts - NOT good
      A company that rewards script abuse - NOT good
      A company that doesn't care about in-game errors - NOT good

      I could probably mention a few more... but I'm more interesting in hearing what you find so great about this game? And it's not that we're being negative... which in itself is hard NOT to be... we're just being honest... the game sucks and has become a money-making machine for Zynga, who couldn't care less about anyone or anything. And yes... haters will comment "Then quit" clever... get over it...

    2. I agree about all the negative comments. If people hate the game so much then they need to quit. No one says you have to do everything zynga throws at us. And in case you missed it zynga is a business and when you run a business you need to have income to survive. So yeah they look for ways to get us to purchase just like any other business. Instead of complaint either shut up and play or do the rest of us a favor and QUIT!!!!

    3. Here's the thing, people like you always feel the need to focus on the negatives... now I know the game has all its problems and all but it is still enjoyable when everything is working, the day Mafia Wars shuts down I will cry because no matter how much bullshit I've had to put up with this game, it is still fun for me to play 5 years later.

    4. Well if nothing is good in the game why are you here and why do you play ? that would be foolish right ? i mean who plays a game that they dont like . i like the game , thats why i play. i like the events, they give free skill points . i also like the people i play with , they are pretty cool people . i am also glad that zynga makes money on the game , they are a business and i am gonna go out on a limb here and say i think they want to make money . any other questions

    5. And how many of you guys play using scripts? I play without any use of scripts AT all... so, my points of view are based on that. Now, if you guys are using scripts to aid your game play, I'm sorry to say, you're not in the same boat as I am - and therefor not in a position to pass judgment on my views.

      If you remove your scripts and play 100% manually - say, for 2 months straight... I am positive that you too will become a bit more negative towards that game AND Zynga ;)

      I play due to my addiction to the game - nothing more. The game has changed WAY too much from its original form - the fun I had playing 5 years ago is long gone. Scripts and the massive amount of fake accounts made sure f that. But, like I said... try removing ALL scripts for 2 months... then come back here and tell me just how GREAT this game really is ;)

    6. And yes, it's a business. But if you don't care about the quality of the product you are selling... and care even less about the people you are selling your product to... how great a company would you say you were? You need to listen to the people for whom you are designing your product, agreed? Anything else is pure arrogance and ignorance. But I am happy that you guys still love the game and find enjoyment playing it. But sadly, I don't think that the majority of the gamers feel that way - I would think that's why so many plays using scripts? To avoid actual gamep lay? So, I could turn it around... if you claim you love the game... why ruin the experience cheating using scripts??

    7. You mentioned that we should not use scripts to play in order to truly judge the game, well back in the day I used to do everything manually because it was POSSIBLE, the events Zynga releases nowadays and the goals they have are just impossible to complete manually unless you like to sit in front of your computer all day clicking over and over, this game just isn't playable without scripts anymore and even Zynga knows it... there are still a few things I do manually but most of the other stuff just isn't possible without scripts.

  3. Haha, yeah, you got out just in time ;)

    I can't believe Zynga thinks these VIP missions are actually benefits, haha... it's a punishment. But I guess it goes well with the rest of the so-called "VIP benefits"

  4. Of course those of us who are still playing do still like the game. Businesses need feedback and if I (or others) just told them how great it was than would anything get fixed? I focus on the things that are wrong because there is no Customer Support for most players (me included now) and without Zynga knowing what is wrong we have a 0% chance of getting it fixed. The day I realized they were not going to even address the loading issues is the day I decided that I needed to do something. I feel quitting the VIP program was a way for me to do something more than complain.

  5. I have always enjoyed your blog JP. You have always put so much effort into it and I commend you highly on this fact. Yes I am doing the VIP membership. I do not always get around to doing every event they throw at us but I do think the membership helps my account and my play. I am not sure how much longer I will keep it but i stand by your decision to drop it. Keep up your good work here.


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