Aug 21, 2015

Urban Assault 11 Walkthrough


The 11th Urban Assault is now available and a walkthrough is shown below. The Assignment and Street-Wise Target goals will grant a reduction in the number of either energy or stamina related tasks (your choice). The Mission objectives are the same for all players but the number of tasks required for each Mission is based on a unknown set of variables and will vary between accounts. There are a total of 4 Los Angeles jobs and 3 of them require consumables. I found with the Fight Carnage feature that the icing tasks were very fast and the walkthrough was much easier because there were no loading issues to deal with. The loot rewards can be found here.

The map below is used to mark each Mission. They are in no particular order.
All Missions

Mission Station 1
Mission Station 2
 Mission Station 3
Mission Station 4
Mission Station 5
Mission Station 6
Mission Station 7
Mission Station 8
Mission Station 9
Mission Station 10
Mission Station 11
Mission Station 12
Mission Station 13
Mission Station 14
Mission Station 15
Mission Station 16
Mission Station 17
Mission Station 18
Mission Station 19
Mission Station 20
Reward Station 1
 Reward Station 2
 Reward Station 3
 Reward Station 4
Reward Station 5
 Reward Station 6
 Reward Station 7
 Reward Station 8
 Rewards Station 9
Reward Station 10

Job List

1.  Brazil District 1
2.  London District 3
3. Los Angeles District 3
4. Los Angeles District 5 (consumable required)
5. Chicago District 2 (consumable required)
6.  Mexico District 5 (consumable required)
7.  Brazil District 6 (loot drop required)
8.  Brazil District 5 (loot drop required)
9. Los Angeles District 6 (loot drop & consumable required)
10. Los Angeles District 4  (consumable required)
Consumable List
Farm in Los Angeles District 5
Farm in Chicago District 2
Farm in Mexico District 5
Farm in Los Angeles District 6
Farm in Los Angeles District 4


  1. It is an unfortunate requirement of LA consumables. I have not nearly the consumables saved (and I am careful to farm them). I've always been able to complete these. I have my doubts about this one. I may give up. It's not fun not to succeed.

    1. Did you farm a lot of each on bronze mastery before progressing each district?

    2. Unfortunate, yes. Also unfortunate is the fact they always ALWAYS have to choose jobs that require the consumption of Calpops and Rigged Tires, so you can never get ahead on getting a good stock of them before the next event starts. If I am not mistaken, Calpops have been required for every single Urban Assault and family event, since LA opened, and of course they usually start the family event and use the same consumables within days of everyone being gutted from Urban Assault.

  2. "ASK FOR 30 PURPLE PUNCH FROM MAFIA." is buggy for me. Asked to my mafia 5 or 6 times already and the result was the same. Zero... Anyone has the same problem?!

  3. TO play the game, never advance past bronze. Low energy, high rewards.

  4. thank you for putting this all together. no map this time though? i have to keep switching between pages instead of just scrolling - i know - i can do that :) But this freezing box of zeros and ones sometimes doesnt want to run so many tabs

    1. Thanks, I totally forgot to add it. I have the imae and will add it now.

  5. I had a nice glitch in UA #10 which I could do with again. The bottom job [to get to phase 1 boss] was locked in the next chapter, had to do 90x. Then 1 day it read 89/90 done, yet was still locked while I farmed Ch 4 on bronze. Collected the 1st bullet, beat boss, chose energy path, et voila, complete! Now an UA later it is Ch 6 locked out of reach... oh yeah Zynga, do me again...

  6. What city do you need to be to get the Silver Sluggers in reward station

  7. What city do you be in when collecting SILVER SLUGGER in reward station 1

  8. Loot drop for Tophat in the last LA job was so low that I am unable to get the Reputation Target. I will should get two more Tophat later today to collect the the silver Lily Rider. Because of such extremely low loot drop snd Zynga's bad attitude, I will not be able to loot 50 more afterward and get the Reputation Target. Thank you very much for posting this page earlier.


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