Aug 18, 2015

Urban Assault 11 Coming Soon


Loot and images for the 11th Urban Assault Mission were added to the inventory and servers. There is a spot for a timer so this probably won't be another round of Los Angeles Missions. The loot rewards are shown below.

Target Rewards
Reward Station Items


  1. Oh, yeah, this will be great. "Get 500 ices in LA with this f*cked up fighting..."

  2. OT - The fight carnage is the death knell for mafia wars as well as for Zynga execs and developers that are responsible for the same. in the spirit of the game addresses are being collected for the latter so that their existence and the existence of their strain can cam to a long painful hot cooked end, or maybe not. It will be filmed so as to insure poor decisions in the future will be avoided.


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