Aug 21, 2015

Remembrance Collection: Los Angeles Collection Event


The Remembrance Collection Event is now available.  This works just like the Savanna, Souvenir Shop and Mexican Beat and Vivido Chispa Collections. The event lasts for 10 days and we can vault the collection once a day. The collection items are gained by doing jobs in Districts 1-7 of Los Angeles and you get a loot items and +2 skill points each time you vault. The Savan-o-Meter has been updated and works like a charm. A walkthrough is shown below.

Once a collection item drops in a district you can move on to the next one. It doesn’t matter what order you go in and 1 item from each district will drop only once per day.
If you don't want to do so much clicking, use the Savan-o-Meter by Team Spockholm.
Once you get all 7 items, vault the collection to get the rewards. You need to go to the Special Collections page to do this. The rewards are 1 Fallen Wing and +2 skill points. If you can do this everyday that the event is available you will gain 10 loot items and +20 skill points.
Pay no attention to the Enhancer Boost. It’s just a gimmick that Zynga hopes you will spend reward points on.


  1. Way to screw over people who haven't started Los Angeles, I hate you zynga!

    1. So what? Quit if you don't like it, lol... do you expect Zynga to wait for everyone to open Districts 1-7 in LA before releasing an event set in those districts? Come on, probably decided to NOT open those districts yet, how is that Zyngas fault? You should have anticipated an event like this could come (we have seen it multiple times in various destinations) you did this to yourself - not Zynga. Quit the game, or at least quit whining and blaming Zynga for something YOU decided not to do and go do something about it... like, I don't know, opening them up?? lol

    2. Spare a thought for those who have them on Ruby and Gold, able to do just one or two clicks with their energy regardless of energy pool.

    3. Boo hoo :'( Tough luck. Still not Zyngas fault... YOU decided to move to Gold and/or Ruby well knowingly that the energy costs would go up... and for years, people who complained about the Ice Seasons being unfair (everyone needs to get 8,000 ices REGARDLESS of stamina pool), were called nothing but cry babies and whiners who should either shut up or put up. Try getting 8,000 ices in 6 days with 3,000 stamina ;)

      No thoughts from me, sorry... you reap as you sow in this game... my advice... try Farmville 2 if Mafia Wars is too hard for you :)

    4. Another rewards claw back by Zynga. I'm sure the last time they had this event, the skill points earned were something like 8 per vault, and now it's 2. Almost not worth doing at all. First when this style of event came out, I could swear the skill points earned per vault were 10 or higher.


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