Aug 5, 2015

Production House Now Available for Level 10 Upgrade


Yesterday District 10 of Los Angeles was released but Zynga forgot to add the consumables to the Production House [1]. It's been taken care of and we can now upgrade to Level 10. The Los Angeles Gangland is now complete.


  1. and how many of these + Demolition Charge do we need to farm may I ask ?

  2. ok I found the 'walkthrough' thanks..

  3. Thank you for the update. Now perhaps I will open District 4. Maybe.

  4. All nice and stuff but hope Zynga knows that not everyone is as far in in LA , as seen in all your blog posts about pictures with LA jobs/districts done to ruby and also properties maxed pics etc
    i am still stuck in the 3rd district on bronze , you guys sure make it look easy but it is not for most of us players just saying . by far the worst district everrrrr !!


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