Aug 27, 2015

Los Angeles Ultimate Showndown Bug


Many players have reported a pretty nasty bug with the Los Angeles Ultimate Showdown. All you need to do to see what's happening is look at the image below. Regardless of account stats, all affected players show the same thing. 0/100 health, 999/999 Hex health and all 10 henchmen already acquired. Players who have this bug can't do anything about it and will need to wait for Zynga to fix it. Thanks to everyone who has posted on our fan page and to Jo Gilliam for looking into accounts and talking to players with this bug.


  1. Sorry, Im not playing out today. Im on strike. :)

  2. finished it last week!

  3. When I click to "kill" nothing happens :/

  4. don't have no stinkin bug ! ! ! lol almost done


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