Aug 26, 2015

Los Angeles Daily Consumable Gift Links


About a week ago Zynga stopped posting the daily link for Los Angeles consumables. What's odd is they keep making the links. The standard rotation of No Mercys, Calpops, Ruptures, Shockstrikes and Snappers have been updated to consumables for later districts in Los Angels.  So far we have had Glownades and Piggyback Extensions from District 9, Compu Searches from District 6, and Thunder Bombs from District 8. There is probably 1 more. The good news is that these links exist and Edward Larson taught be how to figure them out. The bad news is Zynga doesn't post them so we have to wait until I (or somebody else) posts them somewhere. I started posting them about 4 days ago and will keep doing so as long as we can figure them out. I also made photoshopped images to make the blog posts look nicer and it cracks me up that these would be copied and posted elsewhere. They aren't that good but I'll take it as a sign that they are good enough for some to think they were created by Zynga. I have a feeling that they haven't been posted by Zynga because they haven't made images for them yet. Hopefully they will start posting them soon as it's a lot easier to copy and paste a link than it is to create one.


  1. or maybe there just anybody that cares about this game anymore

  2. Great stuff. Thanks for your continuing support to MW players, MWLL.

  3. thank you for all the work you
    put into this blog


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