Aug 17, 2015

Fight Carnage FAQ Preview


UPDATE: The feature is rolling out and the FAQ is now posted here.

Below is a sneak peak at the FAQ for the Fight Carnage 'Event'. I think if the players like it or if it's not too advantageous it might be here to stay. There will no longer be an Attack and Power Attack buttons. ALL attacks in ALL destinations will cost about 1% of your total stamina pool and they will do the same about of damage as 10% of your stamina pool would have in the past. The big difference is you only need to click once! The health timer has been reduced and with all the bonuses, 15 seconds will be the shortest. There is a small delay as each attack takes about 5 seconds to complete. If your health score allows you a few attacks before your health gets below 20 than there should no longer be any waiting to heal. All fight boosts and fighting crew bonuses will not be active when the feature is on. If you have less stamina than your attack button requires than it will use up what you have. Also if it takes less stamina to ice a player than your attack button requires, it will only use what it takes. Overall I think most will like this update. Fighting should be more streamlined and won't take as much clicking. Fight Carnage is on a very slow rollout and players should start seeing it sometime today.
Fight Carnage FAQ

Q: What is Fight Carnage?
Fight Carnage is a limited-time event in which each Attack in Fights will deal a lot more Damage and will proportionally cost more Stamina for the Damage dealt. The Stamina spent per attack will be based on your total Max Stamina.

Q: Why can't I see the feature on my account yet?
In order to maintain the stability of this feature, we are rolling it out gradually. Some of our players may not be able to see Fight Carnage on their accounts right now.

Q: Why are the Fight Crew and Fight Boosts disabled while the event is ON? How can I activate them again?
In order to balance the game-play, it is required that the Fight Crew and Boosts are disabled. They will be available once the event has ended.
While the event is ON, you will be unable to active the Fight Boosts and the Fight Crew.

Q: Will my Fight Boosts be available to use after the event has ended?
Your Fight Boosts will stay in your inventory during the event. You will be able to use them again once the event ends.

Q: What is new in this event?
Below are the key changes in this event:
You can deal a lot more Damage with every Attack in the Event. Stamina spent will be proportionate to the Damage dealt.
Each Attack will take up to 5 seconds for the damage to be dealt against the opponent.
If an opponent is Iced while you are Attacking them, only the amount of Stamina needed to Ice the opponent will be consumed.
Your health will also regenerate faster than ever before. Healing from the Hospital is cheaper and the cool-down on healing has also been reduced.
Fight Boosts and City Crew for Fights will be disabled while Fight Carnage is active.
The special ability of the NGO Mask will now reduce the Hospital Cooldown by 3, 5, 7 and 10 seconds respectively.

Q: Is this event going to be active in all Destinations?
Yes, Fight Carnage will be active in all Destinations.

Q: Will I still be able to do low damage Attacks as before?
No, only the new powerful Attacks will be available while Fight Carnage is active.


  1. it appears that ALL double bonus buttons have been affected by this waste of space carnage! when i collected all my energy and stamina this morning i only got half the normal amount that i normally get. Grrrr!!!!

  2. Zynga seem to have borked the city crew completely - no double loot, no double energy/stamina/cash on collecting with crew in place.

  3. Assuming they're telling the truth, 5 seconds per attack is much better than the 20 second attacks I've been seeing over the past year

  4. This event is going to affect every part of Mafia Wars. When you only get part of the Energy from each City the next level is going to come slower. The Mission Event isn't gong to get the parts from Fights, Arena, and Rob like it should. This time Zynga may have driven me away for good.

  5. "won't take as much clicking" What is this "clicking" you speak of?

  6. Complain here:

  7. Looking at the city crewboards i see only the fight crew being blocked during carnage, so collecting $$$/nrg/sta should work as usual,,,

  8. Day 2 of this, and I'm ready to quit the game. Didn't sign in this a.m. as I normally do and I had to force myself to sign on in the afternoon, mainly to see if the 'event' was over. Yesterday, things seemed ok at first, but after I had all my stamina and energy spent, I fell far short of where I usually fall in xp. Usually I'm about 10 - 15K xp short of leveling, whether I fight or use the arena, so I just park in Brasil, Chicago or London after I have used up my stamina, while I attend to work matters, and hope that by lunchtime I will have received enough stray hits from people losing against me, to level me up. That didn't happen. I still got roughly the same number of people hitting and losing, but the big xp reported in my players updates certainly didn't match anywhere close to what I actually received, and I was still nowhere near leveling up.

    I don't own kamis but I wonder if those with kamis found they were getting less passive xp than they normally do. Zynga certainly seems to be punishing those getting passive xp from fight list, so is it the same for those using kamis?

    1. (me again) Day 3 seems to be a bit better. They must have adjusted something, because I'm getting similar fight xp to what I got before this event started. Also, the game is running more smoothly, and the load issues have dropped off significantly. That said, I still prefer fighting the way it was before, and I really hope this 'event' is not permanent.


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