Aug 17, 2015

Farewell to the Hitlist & Sucker Punch?


UPDATE: These features are only disabled when Fight Carnage is active.

This may be a byproduct of Fight Carnage but the Hitlist is locked and there is no longer the option to Sucker Punch one of your mafia members. These weren't the most widely used features so I imagine most won't miss them. We will need to wait for Fight Carnage to end before we know if they are permanently gone. Thanks to Atanu Kumar for pointing this out to me. I don't think I would have noticed otherwise.


  1. If they decide to keep this fight carnage thing around for good which they should do IMO then they need to find a way to do it without it effecting these 2 features so they can all run side by side.

    It's not like anything needs designing for it they just keep the code out them 2 features end of.

  2. I honestly hope this stupid event isn't permanent, this completely ruins the fighting system because now that the stamina is drained right away you cannot steal cash by fighting a lot of opponents, can't gain a lot of ices and the fights won stat will barely progress...

    1. I agree 100%...they change stuff, don't tell us, and the old MW I came in in 2008 is gone...I realy liked it back then...

  3. The 'Level Up' posts don't appear while using Fight Carnage.

  4. Awe Lizzy would have been heartbroken....

  5. I could be mistaken but aren't buckets kept live from the hit-list feature?

  6. Fight Carnage sucks and sucks worse for the smaller peeps , that don't have alot of stam to begin with ... this obviously was not a very well thought out event -_-

  7. Limited time event?!?! When will it end? Never? I´ve used my stamina in arenas, attacking Hex, robbing in NY the last days. I think I´m not the only one avoiding FL. I checked my player´s update several times yesterday - one single attack every 15-20 minutes.
    VIP Bounty event for 2 days - this time it will be too hard to get all ices.

    And what about DBs and all fight events? Stamina gone in a few minutes and a loooong pause waiting for the XPs from kami attacks and lvl up...??

  8. If Hitlist is gone, then there's no way for me to get this Bulletproof achievement... Good job Zynga... :-(

  9. Hii all - Find a family to run then you can get your ices - not from fightlist - i got the NY ices yesterday by harassing a few families - i really hope my GM wont get too many complains about it lol I have a really big problem - I NEED MY PUNCH IN DA FACE BUTTON BACK - ASAP - I use it to punch my family when they missbehave or screw up and they do that often - or if they are not nice to other family members - then i post the suckerpunch in chat or on family wall - for me its a sign of affection to show em they are forgiven their mistake with a punch - i really hope they dont remove that option. I WANT IT BACK... and the hitlisting too - we have lots of fun hitlisting eachother just to nag a bit ;) Sincerely SneakySue from MWOE family ;)


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