Aug 11, 2015

Family Boss #24: Theo Ragner


The new Family Boss is Theo Ragnar. For the 'New Family Boss Fight: Retribution' you need to kill 4 bosses and wait out the timers before the final and resident boss is revealed. Once you do that (or use reward points to speed up the timers) Theo Ragnar will be available. Minus the guitar, he reminds me of Khal Drogo from Game Of Thrones. Once he is defeated for the 1st time, his health will go down and she can be fought in the same manner as all the previous boss fights. The health of each Family Boss is determined by family size so the numbers will be different. Thanks to the {ASS} Family for helping make this post possible.


  1. You were searching it too far I think.
    The serie "Vikings" has a so-called "Ragnar" as main character ...
    For a picture search google or follow my link :-)

  2. picture that is even more towards the way this boss is posing:

  3. Haha, the screenshot says "ass raid".

  4. Where is the combos?


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