Aug 13, 2015

Extortion Run 3 Coming Soon


Loot items and images for the 3rd Extortion Run have been added to the inventory and servers. Counting today, there are 3 more days left on the regular timer for the current Limited Time Property. VIP players get 5 extra days so it seems to soon for a Extortion Run. Perhaps it will run at the same time as the extended timer of the Limited Time Property. Zynga needs to have another Craftmania and give the players a break from these back to back constant begging events. The loot items are shown below. This addition also explains our 2 unknown bronze and silver items added to the inventory a few days ago [1]. For reasons unknown, the 1st 2 items were added before the rest of them.

Levels 1-3
 Levels 4-6
 Levels 7-10
 Levels 11-15
 Mastery Items


  1. Limited Properties wasn't enough of a torture, now we'll keep seeing these

  2. Yeah, these will now overlap each other in an endless loop. Limited Time Property - followed by an Extortion Run... followed by another Limited Time Property...followed by yet another Extortion Run... etc...etc...etc...till the end of time. just like the Arena events, these will haunt us ALWAYS from here on out - no breaks


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