Aug 28, 2015

Double Extortion Run: 08/28/2015


There will be a Double Extortion Run for VIP subscribers today. The timing of this event suggests that Zynga is being strategic. Those who keep up with Extortion Run (ie, running a bot 24/7) should be close to fully mastering the 'Fear Meter' and would probably need to spend some reward points to get to Level 15. 2X Property Builds are just as good of a deal as far as skill points are concerned but the Double Extortion Run will yield more loot. I doubt there is anyone out there who will sign up for the VIP Membership Program just for some extra loot.


  1. LOL... they sure do ;) I finished mine yesterday (no use of RPs either) - so, perfect timing indeed :D

  2. I doubt that there would ever be another one but just in case there is I suspect this extortion run thing with it's double builds just like limited time properties had for it as well is the perfect set up for a reward on the next tier of the VIP membership program.


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