Aug 20, 2015

Daily Free Stuff: 08/20/2015


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**The Toolbar Bonus No Longer Works**

2 No Mercys--Link Not Posted by Zynga


  1. I Read the paper work from Windows 10 for about 2 months & that included the section that alot of people seem to be complaining about, before the install. WHAT ARE YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT? What can't you read? It was there in black & white for ALL to see plain as day!! It also stated that if you didn't like these rules - YOU DIDN"T HAVE TO INSTALL Win 10 FREE Sure , I don't like that Uncle Bill is taking over my computer but RED HAT is still too complicated to install myself or I would use it & Netxcape Gold was ran out of business when Uncle Bill gave FREE server licenses back in the late 80's. Wasn't that nice of him to think that far ahead to that out this trouble some competition?

  2. How do you get the 2 No Mercys without a link?

    1. You don't. If a link would have been posted today, it would have been for 2 No Mercys. No link, no stuff.

  3. How nice to see a comment that's not saying MW will close next month and/or we're all idiots for playing it.

    Not a clue what the comment is about, though. :-)


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