Aug 15, 2015

Challenge Mission: South Africa (version 2)


The 27th Challenge Mission is now available and the fake location is South Africa. In July of 2010, when Challenge Missions were fun, South Africa was the place so this is technically the 2nd Challenge Mission in South Africa but is the 1st with the updated format [1]. Since there have been so many of these, a walkthrough isn't needed. If you need more details, use the link below to an older copy/paste version of this oh so boring recycled event.


  1. Do they not realize how much boiling hate there is for these missions, or do they just choose to ignore the feedback? Or, do they realize these missions piss us off, so they delight in giving us more of them? We only finished Bangkok a couple of weeks ago. Rather than another one of these, why not give us something enjoyable like a secret district (not of the Mexico variety) that we can work on at our own pace, rather than another 8 hour timer piece of shit. I would even prefer an old secret district we have to pay 27 rp for than this junk.

    1. Zynga doesn't care about the hate. They have their metrics, and rolling out events like this is what makes them money. What do you think they're doing this for? It ain't for love.

  2. It just seems like last week that we just finished one of the these. The skill points make it worth doing. So much repetition of events that are not popular. The only thing I actually enjoy is the Overlords where the challenge is to do the last 2 days without stamina.

  3. This event is without a doubt my most hated one, I remember back in the day they had this Paris Challenge mission, I actually found that enjoyable unlike these ones

  4. These used to be fun before they made them so much more difficult to complete. But fun doesn't make them money. They have to make things hard enough so that people use reward points to complete them.


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