Aug 10, 2015

Bubble Safari Shutdown: September 30, 2015


Zynga announced today that Bubble Safari will be shutting down on September 30th.  Earlier in the year they shutdown the spin off game Bubble Safari Ocean [1]. If you've played Mafia Wars for a while than you probably remember the Bubble Safari cross game promotion offered in June of 2012 [1]. Just like our loot rewards, this game will soon be obsolete. Thanks to Letesia Smith for posting on our fan page.


  1. I have not seen or read anything about their Texas Holdum Poker, but the daily gifts they used to post for free chips etc, stopped on Aug. 6th, they used to post freebies a few times a day, so idk if that is a sign to an end there as well

  2. Well, too bad. Bubble Safari was exciting when the levels become much escalating to impossible too quickly. That's why I'm leaving the game.

  3. Bubble safari was fucking awesome, but there's the problem, it WAS awesome, for a few months, then it became monotonous. Plus there were so many glitches that nobody in their right mind would spend money on it. I remember collecting some silly amount of cash using one of the special events, enough to pretty much buy my way through every remaining level if I wanted, hence I doubt anyone is paying to keep it alive, unlike MW with its constant VIP subscribers. MWLL - any way of telling how many VIP subs the game has? Just checking Mafia tornado you can find hundreds if not thousands, and practically everyone I attack on fight list is VIP. Multiply them up by the monthly fee and it must be a fair amount. And that IMO is why they won't be shutting it down any time soon, it's money for old rope. Just churn out the same old shit month after month (arena smash up, secret district, overlords, mission events etc....). Rinse and repeat for as little expense as possible, screw the bugs and issues just keep collecting the money. Throw in a new city every 6 months (notice how they are getting progressively more time consuming to complete, it's no coincidence) and it's just a cash cow they'll continue milking as long as the VIP subscribers keep paying, which they will.

    1. As far as I know, Mafia Tornado records all those who ever were VIP, and the status does not change if a person cancels. I don't think the VIP status in Tornado is very accurate as a result. It might even record those joining only for the free trial period, so I wouldn't put much weight into it.


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