Aug 7, 2015

1 Free Bridge Engineer


The Mafia Wars App is giving us 1 free Bridge Engineer with stats of 291/354. The request can be found on the Notification page. Not all players get these. I didn't get the one last time but I got this one. I did turn off and then turned back on my Mafia Wars notifications so maybe that was the trick. If you don't have the notification, try the link below (provided by Doug Kokis). Thanks to Lynn Amber for posting on our fan page.


  1. Nope, no trick I did not change anything and got it on both accounts

    Kathie E

  2. Did not get a notification but the link worked... thanks

  3. No notification and the link didn't work. I have turned my notifications off and on again, so hopefully I will get one next time.

  4. Got the notification- as all before. But not npthing - as on all before. "Mafia Mafia Wars
    Play Mafia Wars on August 5th and also get 50% discount on all RP purchases for a limited time." Maybe because I have already >1200RPs on stock? And I never spend real money for RPs? :'(

  5. I used to get these, but not able to for the past few months--wasn't in my notifications, even back through yesterday morning. Not even the link worked for me, but that could be because I only saw this a day late.....


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