Jul 15, 2015

Zynga Suggests Firefox Users Update Flash Player but Flash Player is Blocked by Firefox???


UPDATE: Read the comments.

I don't understand why Zynga thinks updating to the latest version of Flash Player is going to solve the issues. I thought maybe Firefox unblocked it but they haven't [1]. It doesn't make sense to me why this announcement is in our game. Maybe someone more knowledgeable than me can explain. It also concerns me that the people at Firefox believe there are security threats yet the other browsers haven't done the same. Playing Mafia Wars gets harder and harder by the day! According to Mark Schmidt (the big wig of Mozilla), the best coverage of the security issues can be found here.


  1. the new version of flash does not get blocked by ff... updated and worked for me now...

  2. Here is a good Daily Mail article explaining what happened to Flash http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3160644/Google-Mozilla-pull-plug-Adobe-Flash-Tech-giants-disable-program-browsers-following-critical-security-flaw.html

  3. hot off the press ... looks like its fixed now ...
    There's some drama going down in the Flash camp. Yesterday, because of two unpatched Hacking Team zero-day vulnerabilities, Mozilla blacklisted Adobe Flash Player, meaning Flash was disabled by default in Firefox. This morning, just a few moments ago, Adobe rushed out version, plugging the two vulnerabilities.

    Meanwhile, over at Facebook, the company's new chief security officer called for Adobe to "announce an end-of-life date for Flash," so that we can finally "disentangle the dependencies and upgrade the whole ecosystem."

    And if two Web giants weren't enough, Google recently announced that the next stable version of Chrome would "intelligently" block auto-playing Flash elements.

  4. 2 days ago, Chrome blocked Flash before any of my other browsers did. But it updated to the safest-known version automatically. Comodo Dragon[Chrome] could not, but I went to Adobe itself and installed their fix. Pale Moon[FFox] also updated automatically. Then the new weaknesses were discovered and that's when Chrome blocked Flash and FFox followed suit. Yet all yesterday I saw nothing wrong with game play and got no error warnings. It's all beyond me. But everyone who puts out a web site needs to switch to HTML 5 pronto. That's the long-term solution.

  5. Of course Web designers / programmers should update to HTML5, but that would require work.

  6. The new UPDATED version of flash fixes the issue and therefore firefox doesn't block it

  7. If you think that Zynga is going to update Mafia Wars from Flash to HTML5 think again. Zynga is not going to waste time and resources on a game with a dwindling player base. They're swimming in enough red ink as it is.


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