Jul 30, 2015

VIP Loot: Generation 41 Loot


The 41st generation of VIP loot is now available. I really thought that this update would make me regret cancelling my VIP subscription but it had the opposite affect. Not one item helps my score and it looks like I got out at the right time. It's funny because the last update was so crappy that Zynga made a production over raising the stats of each item by +2 and it was still crappy but better than this one [1]. Based on all that I expected this update to be decent. I guess Zynga doesn't understand loot scores and they certainly don't realize what too many events does to common loot that you can acquire in bulk. The more high end loot items you own, the less common items you need to max. If I didn't care about the scores and just wanted the loot, Zynga solved this issue too by being lazy and making Fight, Arena and War loot all the same. I just love that I would need 0 of each VIP item to max and I didn't pay $24.97 for this. All 8 useless items are shown below.

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