Jul 17, 2015

Updated Urban Assault 10 Walkthrough


For whatever reason, the tasks listed in the original Urban Assault walkthrough did not match what many players were reporting. Either different accounts now have different jobs, Zynga changed the tasks or the Quest-o-Meter was picking up tasks from other Missions. The good news is that this is a much kinder and gentler Urban Assault. The tasks, jobs and consumables are shown below. If your tasks don't match what is shown here, go here for a different set of tasks. Please comment if you have tasks different from the ones shown in both walkthroughs. I've seen other tasks mentioned so I suspect Zynga is not making them the same this time. The only reason they would have to do this is so you can't farm consumables ahead of time which is kind of a crappy thing for them to do. If this is how it's going to be than there is no need for walkthrough or Quest-o-Meters in the future. 

Job 1: London District 2
Job 2: Brazil District 2
Job 3: London District 2
Job 4: Los Angeles District 4 (consumable required)
Job 5: Los Angeles District 2
Job 6: Mexico District 3
Job 7: Los Angeles District 1
Job 8: Brazil District 8
Job 9: Mexico District 
Job 10: Los Angeles District 1
Farm in Los Angeles District 4
Farm in Los Angeles District 1


  1. all different set up for everyone i guess.
    as mine are not the same as this set up you posted now and also not the same as the first set up
    i got more jobs to do in LA then i see in both set ups that where posted here and not alone for jobs also other stuff that have not seen in yours
    kinda sucks as i hate LA , to much of a hazel to farm for so many consumables takes ages
    well guess this will be my second urban skip event will do what i can , real bummer !!!
    been a hardcore player for a long time now , OCD and what not , but really getting sick of it wished i could just stop but that not happening for me , why they have not pulled the plug yet and get it over with so i can get my real life back.
    was fun in the beginning years but lately these overload stackup events after each other is just the last drop in the bucket for me

  2. My #2 is JOB: "CASE WAREHOUSES ON THE NORTH SIDE" in Chicago.

  3. Figures it would involve Los Angeles, I'm still working on Mexico

  4. so far mines mostly matches the original walkthrough but some tasks are different cant say how many until i open more up.i have to say would rather have this one or at least the tasks i have were the same as original the differences so far are pretty crap x

  5. For job 4 I have Fight Back when Coyotes Turn on You, in Mexico. For 10 I have Build 4 animals from your private zoo. For 26 I have build 2 armor from your armory.

  6. Job #20 is Keep an Eye on John Steele which is different that listed. Not doing them as they require too many consumables for LA and I haven't even finished bronze level on all th edistricts yet not have I completed any silver levels.

  7. now that i have more open i can see there are loads of differences so i have some stuff from original walkthrough but not all and also my quest o meter is not right either very confusing dont see me finishing toooooo many la jobs x

  8. I just got a mission for "Ask 40 Twist This from your Mafia". Too bad.


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