Jul 27, 2015

Something Different


You finally get your game to load and most players will go straight to the begging. This one made me laugh. It's not as annoying as the pictures of cats, dogs, flowers, waterfalls and watches so that's good. It's kind of worse than a full failed page load because you can see your game but you can't do anything. The end result is you still don't get to ask for Cards and you still need to reload.  The only thing good is it's something different. 


  1. Sadly, I think you're wasting time posting about this error. First of all, it's just one among MANY errors in this crappy game. And second, even IF Zynga decided to come forward and recognize that there actually IS an error in this game, they wouldn't possibly know how to fix it. I mean, if they did, wouldn't they have just fixed it? I am experiencing SEVERAL errors on a daily basis... including loot not being added when collecting from e.g. Family Boss fights, or boss fights in Offshore Turfs (which sucks big time,especially in ruby) Zynga just don't give a crap about anything anymore... and not a million posts in here will change that. zynga knows that ni matter what, we will still e paying and subscribing to their equally bad VIP programme... so they figure... why bother?

  2. OMIGOSH!!!! The broken computer is WORSE!!

  3. Zynga will put its resources to those games that make it the most money. It isn't making as much on MW, so it doesn't put much into it.

  4. Zinga keeps removing the number of servers supporting mafia wars to support there new games, you see what happens.

  5. At least this shows they're trying to fix it

  6. i get that every day when i log in at 8 o'clock uk time i use google chrom! anybody have same problem?

  7. I used to love playing Mafia Wars just to have fun.
    Then I played to get achievements and help my game friends get theirs, then I kept playing because it was what I did to spend time, but spent more time chatting w/ my game buddies about how much the game sucked.
    I hit level 10,000 yesterday! WooHoo!
    I also quit playing yesterday. My last achievement was finish Offshore Turf all the way, hit level 10K, see the crap about the card posting problems (again), so screw Zynga - I was done with their bullsh!t game.
    I'll check in here at Loot Lady occasionally to read how this game company keeps screwing players, but now spend a few days looking for a new game whose developers care about who generates their paychecks.
    FU Zynga......

    1. I don't understand why people do this, when Zynga releases these events like the Lucky Break, they never force you to complete them nor do they care if you do or not, if you do not like the events just skip them and play regularly?

    2. There is a game that always works and is fun even if you don't spend tons of money. It is World of Tanks. It is not interfaced with facebook....random teams of 15 battle each other in cyberspace. It is where my play time is spent. Give it a try. A long time ago Jennifer made mention of it and I spend fewer and fewer minutes playing MW each day. MW was fun at once, it no longer is.

  8. I help some friends out with posting for them when they have doctor appointments, have to work, etc.....
    I have noticed the people with fewer friends don't seem to get the blank page with the frowny face. Those that have over 2000 have a very difficult time getting to mafia wars.....
    Could it be that the number of friends matter, or maybe even a large number of inactive accounts?


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