Jul 10, 2015

Slaughter Season 17


The 17th Slaughter Season is here. To fully master this event you need 6,000 Pennants. If your ices come from the Arena you will need to burn 6,000,000 stamina to get it done (1 Pennant = 2 ices = 1,000 stamina). Using the fight list may require less stamina but it will take much longer. Either way you choose, there are a total of 7 days to get it done. The mastery item is a Pimp Necklace and a closer look can be found here. The milestone rewards are worth the effort. If you can fully master the Emerald Tier you will earn +26 skill points, +8 health points, +5 defense points, +17 reward points and some boosts and Power Ups. The badge and loot rewards are granted once the season expires. If you need more details on how Slaughter Seasons work, go here.


  1. I've tried. I can't get done all the way through emerald. 6000 pennants is just too many. I wish they would go back to the old method, or fix the fight list so its faster with more targets.

  2. Is it just me, but I always been able to get these done, the pennants are not dropping anywhere near what they used to!!! Another clanmate is having the same issue as he would usually be done by now and looks like me may not be able to complete also......


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