Jul 25, 2015

Right Eye or Left Eye?


The Asset guy who Zynga refers to as our Arch-Nemesis has some eye patch issues going on. He was first introduced to us as a shadow in District 1. Slivers were added in Districts 2-4 until his full image was presented to us in District 5. One might have wondered why he had an eye patch to begin with but all questions were answered in District 6 when he started appearing in job images. He came into the scene looking like Fabio had had 2 healthy eyes. He was injured and taken into captivity where he quickly recovered and escaped. Zynga never explains where the eye patch came from or what it does but in all the job images it's on his left eye. This makes sense because his left eye is the one that was injured.  Those who pay attention were concerned as the story doesn't match the original image because his eye patch is on the right eye. Things get really confusing in District 9 because the first image is our Arch-Nemesis looking into a mirror so the eye patch initially appear to be on the right eye until you realize we have the mirror view. If Zynga cares about accuracy they could make it right by simply inverting the image on the Medallion progress page. I'd rather they work on the loading issues but if they need to justify developer time, this would be something that someone could be proud to say they fixed.

Right Eye
Left eye
Mirror Image (Left Eye)
The Easy Fix


  1. Careful, Jen! They might have to shut down for a couple of hours to fix the eye patch problem, taking resources away from resolving the feed issues!

  2. Loading issues?? What loading issues? We have eye patches over both eyes! LOL. Apparently Zynga has foreshadowed its own developer blindness here. Funny, Jen, thanks for the laugh :)

  3. His left eye got injured and then he got operated and fixed his left eye with his right eye. That's the right story lol

  4. You're very observant - I'd never have noticed that! Truthfully, I pay no attention to the pictures, the story-line or any of the captions. I care only about the numbers.

    1. I'm not that observant either. This is a post I've been meaning to make for a while now. Quite a few players commented about it. I would have never picked that up had it not been for the comments :)

  5. That is hilarious... I think he looks better "fixed" :)


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