Jul 14, 2015

Offshore Turfs Secret District 5 Coming Soon


Another Offshore Turfs Secret District is coming soon. These seem to always come at the same time as Urban Assault Missions but a good strategy is to work on the Urban Assault first and then use the experience bonuses to keep leveling while working on the Secret District. At this time there are no loot items in the inventory but the week is still young.


  1. I think these kinds of Secret Districts would be a lot more interesting if rather than randomly unlocking the other turf you had to fight people for access to it.

    Say for example you pick what turf side you would like to start with. Then you need to ice 10 people who started on the other side to unlock that side as well. From the time of the first ice being completed you get an hour. So if it takes you 1 minute to get one ice it'd take 9 minutes to get the remaining 9 ices leaving you 51 minutes from that hour remaining to do jobs there. So the faster you could ice the more time you would get each time to work on jobs in the other side of the district. If it takes you 55 minutes to get the remaining 9 ices however you only get 5 minutes. You only get as little or as much time each go as you can have left getting from ice 1 to ice 10.

    At least it would be a little bit more interesting than they are now.

    1. The problem with that is I need my stamina for the turf boss fight. My pet peeve is when people want to make something 'interesting'. there is a curse, "May you live in interesting times"!

    2. Dumbest idea I have EVER heard for this kind of SD,,, these SDs are bad enough as they are... why anyone would want to add additional aggravating factors to it is BEYOND me...

  2. My strategy is to work on the Urban Assault and ignore the Offshore Turf Secret District since I can't do both in the limited time available. I hate that Zynga makes me choose.

  3. 70 free skill points and good loot - I go for it. I can do both Urban Assault and the secret district at the same time and finish :-) - rather have lots to do than have nothing going on. But accounts with lower energy and stamina pools may have to choose.

  4. Love your tips & tricks - as well the heads-up and, really, your blog entirely. Not the right place for this, maybe - but I am really grateful for what you do.


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