Jul 18, 2015

Offshore Turfs 5: Secret District Walkthrough


The 5th Offshore Turfs Secret Districts has been out for a day now and many haven't even looked at it. I'm a little behind but there are too many other things to do. Offshore Turfs are 2 districts in one. The 1st one, Cedros, has 9 high energy jobs and is straight forward. The 2nd one, Isla Mujeres, unlocks after bronze mastery of Cedros and requires 200 Pesos to enter. According to the instructions, once accessed, it is only available for 30 minutes but players are reporting a bug in which it's on 5 minutes. You can do about 10 jobs before the Boss Fight appears. Once it does, you have to defeat the boss to get back to the jobs. Since this Secret District is like the other 4 of it’s type and nothing has changed, the 1st walkthough should be good for more detail and can be found here.  The consumable requirements as well as an overview of the bronze level is shown below.

The in game instructions can be found by clicking the help mark on the home or job page banners.
The job image for Cedros will change with each level of mastery and the one for Isla Mujeres stays the same.
Isla Mujeres
There are 2 consumables needed for this Secret District. White Crystals are needed for Cedros and can be farmed by doing the 2nd job and are giftable. They are required for jobs 6 and 9 and can be used as ammo for the Boss Fight. Flower Pots are needed for Isla Mujeres and can only be made by doing jobs 5 and 9 of Cedros. Since job 9 requires White Crystals, it’s best to farm Flower Pots from job 2 on the bronze level.
Isla Mujeres
The number of consumables required is shown below. Use Job Help requests, Crew Bonuses and 2X Mastery Boosts to reduce the number. Emerald+ VIP subscribers get an additional 1% mastery so less will be required.

Job Mastery Clicks
Per Job

Per Level

Per Job

Per Level
1 8% 13
2+ 6% 17
3 5% 20
4 7% 15
5+ 5% 20
6 6% 17 1 17
7 5% 20
8 5% 20

9+ 4% 25 1 25
Isla Mujeres
1 5% 20 2 40
2 6% 17 2 34
3 6% 17 3 51
4 7% 15 3 45
5 4% 25 4 100
District Totals 168 1,080
+Makes Consumables

The jobs on the bronze level for both districts are shown below. The requirements will vary between accounts but the Silver, Gold and Ruby levels will require 1.5, 3 and 6 times more energy than the Bronze level.
Isla Mujeres
Mastering the bronze level of Cedros will unlock the Isla Mujeres and you can enter once you have paid 200 Pesos.
Pretty decent loot items will drop from jobs in both districts but it's hardly incentive to keep at these once you master them.
Cedros Job Loot
Isla Mujeres Job Loot
Once you unlock the Isla Mujeres, you get 30 minutes to work on it. Once it expires you need to wait 4 hours. While trying to do jobs Isla Mujeres, a very annoying boss will appear. You must defeat the boss to get back to the jobs. Once you get there, the boss will appear again. It’s an endless cycle and you will need to navigate it properly in order to finish.
You do get a warning before the boss appears and you can hold off the boss for 10 jobs using 5 reward points (not worth it!). If you don’t pay, the jobs are interrupted and you need to deal with the boss fight right then and there.
The health of this boss is the same as the last three. Bronze is 10,000, Silver is 15,000, Gold is 25,000 and Ruby is 40,000. The health will vary between accounts but it’s high enough that 30 minutes may not be enough.
The Yellow and Red combos appear once the health is down to 25% and 50% respectively. They aren’t the same for all accounts and each level has new ones so copying the ones shown here won’t work unless you are really lucky. It’s best to use the giftable consumable and attack until the health is at 25% and 50% then use the combos if you don’t want to use your stamina.
Once the 30 minute timer expires you are locked out of the Isla Mujeres and all progress on the boss fight resets. You can pay 10 reward points to go back but I wouldn’t recommend it.
The rewards are a bunch of mastery items and you get skill points for mastering each job on each level. The good news is you do get to keep all items from the boss fights (all levels of all fights) and the limit for the last ones were 20 for bronze, 10 for silver, 5 for gold and 5 for ruby (thanks to Farhan Rashid for the data on that).
Isla Mujeres
Boss Fight

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