Jul 20, 2015

No Safesmith Lockpicks Today


When free Lockpicks for the Safesmith event are available, a little icon and message appear on the home page banner under the safe image. When they aren't, there is nothing so today we won't get any free loot. 

No Lockpicks for Anybody!
Free Lockpicks for Everybody!


  1. 2 days in a row & no free lockpicks for me. Boo

  2. Zynga is getting realy greedy now!!
    Again NO lockpicks today!
    Do they realy think people use rp's to buy that stuff?!
    99% of us players dont and are happy if we get such an "event" where you need to do as good as nothing to get stuff. I think the next safesmith will only with rp's!

    1. I have only had lockpicks once since July 20.

  3. "Safesmithis a 15-day event in which you crack safes using lockpicks to win amazing rewards.
    Each safe has 6 slots which can be filled with up to 6 lockpicks.
    Use more number of lockpicks to increase your chances of cracking the safe successfully."
    Who even writes this crap for Zynga??


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