Jul 26, 2015

Lucky Break 10


The 10th Lucky Break starts out with a bang. Obviously Zynga did nothing about the news feed problems that plagued the last event and we are going to have to deal with Facebook security checks once again. For some reason Facebook doesn't like the requests for this event and thinks the links are unsafe. It's irresponsible that Zynga would even release this event again and the players should be furious. The only way to save themselves from the embarrassment this event brings would be to remove it ASAP! If you're interested or need a review of how it works, a walkthrough can be found here. The loot rewards for this event can be found here.


  1. TOTAL BOYCOTT!! I've been pasting this (or something similar) to everyone I see posting requests: "Stop the cycle of multiple security checks with this event! BOYCOTT until Z get's their act together!"

  2. If you use the MW Addon then install the Post as my behalf plug in and post manually and the security check wont happen
    1- only 1 mw tab open
    2- install the post as my behalf fixer plug in
    3- refresh the page
    4- turn off any auto posting and post manually .. no more security check


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