Jul 23, 2015

Limited Time Property #55 Coming Soon


With only 2 more days left on the Extortion Run it shouldn't be a surprise that another Limited Time Property is coming soon. Images for the 55th Limited Time Property have been added to the servers. I didn't have time to look for a better image but this one looks like some type of car showroom. 


  1. LOL... of course not... sadly, this was expected. And after this one, we will either see another one like this one...or, another Extortion Run... they are on a 2+1 roll... 2 Time Limited Properties + 1 Extortion Run... an endless loop

  2. Sweet, this is way better than extortion

  3. I stopped building these (aka, torturing myself) months ago. At least Extortion Run you can ask every 3 hrs, so I'm sticking with that until they at least change Props to 6 hours or fewer....

  4. I prefer Extortion Run to Limited Time Properties - purely because we can post our begs more frequently, it fits better with the times I play. I don't usually complain about events/LTs but lately they seem to be piling them on with a bloody shovel! I'd like just a few days with no events/LTs at all - Zynga seem to think MW players have nothing better to do in the summer months :D


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