Jul 7, 2015

July VIP Loot: Stat Update


The stats of this months VIP loot have been increased. I'd like to think that my post pointing out just how bad VIP loot has gotten might have had something to do with it [1]. It's not a huge victory because +2 on each item doesn't equate to much when you consider loot scores are averaging around 800,000. Sadly Zynga's attempts to make the VIP Membership Program and way too late. I've already cancelled my subscription and this isn't going to bring me back. The reason I cancelled was because Zynga isn't acknowledging the loading and feed issues [1]. I grew tired of giving money to a company that is too arrogant to even admit there are problems. Thanks to Neil Ackary for the screenshot.


  1. I have noticed that on smaller accounts, there are no load issues. The load issues seem to be tied in to how much a player has in his/her inventory. That said, zynga should be addressing it.

    1. hmmm... not true here. Wish it were that simple.
      While its true that this affects some accounts more than others, I can't say it seems particularly worse on my biggest accounts.
      Back in the day MW has so many users that batches of accounts were housed on different servers Not sure if that is still the case, but if so, could account for some of the variation.

      Size of inventory has always been an issue though. I remember being told a couple of years ago to try to collect one of everything, as this slows down anyone wanting to "switch" your account to get a link to attack you. Not displaying all the inventory items on your profile screen only goes part of the way to addressing this. Ever tried to access your inventory on a weekend?

      The game started off being predominantly text-based and has evolved to be far too clunky with its use of graphics. I don't think today's generation of developers have any concept of how to streamline apps to be slick & efficient.


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