Jul 9, 2015

Job Board 13


The 13th Job Board is now available. This is the 2nd Job Board in Los Angeles and there is zero incentive to do jobs there (unless you are working on mastery of the destination). Job Boards are no big deal. If you aren’t in the top 3 on your Family Leaderboard than you won’t get anything. If you are than all you get is one loot item. If Zynga wanted to get players in Los Angeles than they would have made the stats of the tracker item higher. The is just another event that is poorly executed and thankfully can be skipped. A closer look at the loot rewards can be found here.

Tracker Item


  1. we all know that reasonable thoughts arent worth to mention in Zynga. They rather keep f00king up the entire game instead of admitting that all their begging wars made it that worse and just try something different which is finally bringing fun again in fighting.

  2. Juuuust another event catered for the huge script abusers... I guess Zynga still has an incentive to keep them happy... although I doubt all the heavy script abusers will even notice this event... as it would require you to actually be online :P

    1. Script abusers are usually serial levelers, so they won't waste energy on LA jobs.

  3. Seems there are always complainers. Why not let people play the way they like ? If it is so much better, why don't you try it ? I think there are advantages and disadvantages to each style of play.


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