Jul 24, 2015

Fighting Unavailable for 2 Hours on 07/24/2015


We didn't get much notice but fights will not be available during the next 2 hours. Zynga diesn't say if this includes fights in the Arena but it probably doesn't. We can only hope that fighting will be improved when they are done but I wouldn't hold my breath. I would love to see them say they are doing some kind maintenance to fix the loading issues but they like to pretend that doesn't exist. If the countdown timer below is at zero than you missed it.

Alert: Fights will be unavailable during server maintenance on July 24th between 04:00AM-06:00AM PDT(GMT-7). Apologies for the inconvenience.


  1. That'll help nicely with the two icing jobs I still need to finish on the Urban Assault.


  2. Haha... so the scripts finally crashed their system? Can't be a coincidence that this "maintenance" comes only what... 4 hours after the HUGE script event (Family Feud) commenced... oh well, let's hope at least they will make some upgrades so that the game runs more smoothly for the few REAL players that are left in the game

  3. It was probably down to readjust the fight xp to make it lower. Every city they open offers lower and lower xp, and I think they adjusted the arena at one time too, so it would not surprise me.

  4. They are pretending that the loading issues don't exist because it has been intentionally implemented into the game by them. The way this works for most is that a set amount of accounts are selected by a program and "locked down" periodically throughout that day for a set period of time, usually 1-2 minutes then the lock down moves on to another set amount of accounts. Apparently some accounts are effected 10 times more than others because there is a massive error in the coding and grouping of account numbers that was done for this "account bracketing system" . Zynga feels its working out how they wanted it to anyway so they don't want to put any time into fixing the code . This is all being done to appropriate server resources only to a minimal number of accounts at one time due to the massive number of accounts that run on auto 24/7 , and also due to Zynga losing funds to support more servers and game activity then they used to be able to years ago. So the loading issues will never go away they are permanent and intentional. I cant reveal my source for this information but can only tell you its pretty solid.

    1. Your point is irrelevant based on the fact that the low funding into the game at this point in time is purely due to Zynga's own lack of interest in making the game interesting and fun. Most people that spent large sums of money and even those that only spent occasionally have stopped due to the ineffectiveness of Zynga to make the game "more fun". In their misguided thinking that the game was "not fun" in the past they have made it nearly unplayable and the "more fun" has actually brought "more frustration" and so people have quit. A vast majority of one time players no longer play the game at all. At one time Mafia Wars truly was a SOCIAL game but it is no where near as SOCIAL now as it was back in the day. Having played since 2009 I can with certainty proclaim that after Bangkok the game took a turn for the worse that it has never recovered from and quite possibly never can. It sucks logging in and not being able to do a job more than one time because they have decided to change the way energy per click is calculated. The more they turn a blind eye to the "issues" in the game the more players they will lose thus making their profitability take an even deeper, steeper nose dive into the dirt.

    2. I would say Italy was the turning point. At Bangkok they still gave a crap. When Moscow was out it was to hard for a lot of players so they made it easy. With that those players who liked the challenge started complaining on the forums and Bangkok was just the challenge they where looking for. Stamina job in Vegas where also a player request as where the currency conversions in the Vegas vault. So back then the game was changed based on feedback you could clearly see on the forums. Then Italy came. After the initial 5 regions where released we started getting weekly gifting events. Then they started with the mini games. People where complaining that if they kept making events all the time they'd never have time to get the remaining 3 regions of Italy made and released. After Italy was finished the events only got worse. Then glitches where found that allowed skill point exploits in older destinations so they started locking them down before replacing them with newer destinations. They did this as they where so busy making events to care to repair these older destinations instead. Baring in mind it was early 2011 Cuba was closed down that's well over 50% of the time the game has been open they've cared more about events than anything else. But it wasn't as far back as Bangkok. Back then they still did care and adjusted the game based on what players feedback about releases was. Italy was the big turning point. They even lied about there reason for the destination closures. They said it was as they didn't want to over whelm new players with so many destinations to catch up with. Well if that was the case then they wouldn't be doing all these limited time events at once. In fact it's the events that's the real reason as if they wasn't doing these all the time then they would have the time to repair the old broken destinations properly.


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