Jul 30, 2015

Fight Loot: Generation 49


The 49th generation of Fight Loot is now dropping for fights, robs and Arenas. Like all Fight Loot updates, this one is useless. All 4 items are shown below.


  1. Replies
    1. It's for players who have low Mafia attack / defense, if they kept releasing new loot that benefited everyone, there would be a much bigger gap in terms of strength between people...

    2. LOL... good question... and next month we will see yet another update with loot maxing out at a whopping 275 on either attack or defense... and in October... it will be 276... November it will be 277... etc, but by then, we will have had a gazillion more events and event loot... the good old days when loot updates were something to look forward to are gone forever... I seriously don't get why they bother with these either... I doubt anyone even cares anymore... useless crap...and that goes for Arena loot, War loot and especially VIP loot too


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