Jul 31, 2015

Family Business 12 Walkthrough


The 12th Family Business is now available and more of the same. Like the other Family Business Missions, there are 30 Missions in total with 15 requiring energy and 15 requiring stamina.The number of required tasks (and rewards) will vary from family to family depending on size and other unknown variables [1]. The FAQ can be found here but it’s not updated and is for one of the previous Missions.  All 30 Missions, the jobs, consumables and rewards are shown below. Thanks to Jo Gilliam for making this walkthrough possible.

All Missions

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Job List

Job 1: Brazil District 2
Job 2: London District 3
Job 3: Mexico District 2 (loot drop)
Job 4: Mexico District 4
Job 5: Los Angeles District 2 (loot drop)
Job 6: Chicago District 3
Job 7: London District 5 (loot drop)
Job 8: Los Angeles District 3
Job 9: Brazil District 6
Job 10: Chicago District 5 (loot drop)
Job 11: Los Angeles District 4 (consumable)
 Job 12: Mexico District 8 (consumable)
Job 13: London District 8 (loot drop)
Job 14: Brazil District 8 (consumable)
Job 15: Chicago District 6 (consumable and loot drop)

Consumable List

Farm in Los Angeles District 4
 Farm in Mexico District 8
 On Free Gift Page or Farm in Brazil District 3 
 Farm in Chicago District 6 (2 per job)

Mastery Reward 


  1. The energy side of Family Business is hard enough without it not working for some of your family members. I cannot loot Fire Fleece in Mexico as it doesn't come up in that job.

  2. Thank you Loot Lady, as ever, your walkthroughs are a great help with these mission tasks, it's very much appreciated :)


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