Jul 11, 2015

Extortion Run 2: Lenny's Loans


The 2nd version of the Extortion Run is now available. This feature is just a complicated version of a Limited Time Property but it requires more parts to upgrade and you get less for each beg.  Like Limited Time Properties, there are 15 levels and making progress on the Fear Meter requires going on a News Feed & Begging Safari to acquire ‘Rough Ups’. As you level, you can build 1 loot item every 18 hours. The news feeds are still in a sorry state and combined with loading issues clicking on these posts rarely gets you anything but white pages, errors and the dreaded ‘The maximum amount of players have already collected from this feed’ message. We can ask for stuff every 3 hours instead of 8 but you can only get 6 items instead of 12. You will need to acquire a total of 679 Rough Ups to get to Level 15. More details are shown below.

The help mark on the banner and Extortion Run page shows the instructions.
To start, ask your friends for Rough Ups from the home page banner or the Extortion Run tab which used to be the Operations tab (but is still named the Operations page!). You can ask every 3 hours and get up to 6.
Go to the same areas to level up your Fear Meter and you can make another post to get 5 more Rough Ups. You also unlock the privilege to ‘Extort Fear’ by building the item that is unlocked for the level your Fear Meter is on.
Once you get to Levels 3, 6, 10 and 15 you will get a reward. You don’t need to build this one, it’s automatically granted. The 4 rewards for Levels 3, 6, 10 and 15 are shown below.
You can also get up to 10 extra Rough Ups per day by helping your friends (8 per help request and 2 per brag request). If you are lucky, you will get one of these.
The not so lucky or very determined will get a lot these instead.

You need a total of 679 Rough Ups to fully master Lenny's Loans. The number you need for each level is shown below.

level1 X1 level2 X3 level3 X5
level4 X10 level5 X15 level6 X20
level7 X30 level8 X35 level9 X40
level10 X45 level11 X65 level12 X80
level13 X95 level14 X110 level15 X125

The feature is permanent so once you get to Level 15 and unlock all the items, they will be available for crafting every 18 hours. When it’s time to craft, go to the Operations page and click Extort. The timer can be sped up for 6 reward points which is cheaper than Limited Time Properties but you get half the skill points for Level 15. Since this is in addition to the 5 items we can craft from Properties, it is a good thing.
The items that you can build for Levels 1-15 are shown below. Items for Levels 7-15 come with skill points but not as many as the Limited Time Properties. Bling Buggy comes with +1 defense point. The level 11-14 Bondedge comes with +2 stamina and the Level 15 Bondedge comes with +3 attack points.


  1. LOL... now all we need is a Craft Mania :D Could we get that tomorrow, please, Zynga? Show us how insane you REALLY are and release that too... then we will have a Time Limited Property, an Extortion Run AND a Craft Mania... now THAT wold surely keep us busy... not to mention all the other events on top of these :D Keep the insanity going !!

    1. Zynga isn't that dumb, the limited time property expired yesterday (unless you're vip) so we only have this event...

    2. Yeah, I know... they do have limits to their stupidity... IF a Craft Mania were to be released, it wouldn't be till after the timer for the VIPs expires...


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