Jul 30, 2015

Daily Free Stuff: 07/30/2015


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  1. Not sure if it was a fluke but I was actually able to post a feed I could comment on for Lucky Break today (when Mafia Wars chooses to 'non-comment-autopost' it's always gone through).

  2. On the Daily Gifts for July 30, the two-steps links to claim the Daily Toolbar bonus are not working for me using either Chrome of Internet Explorer. I tried several times and both links time out and say that the web page cannot be displayed. Any way around that? Thanks for all your good work.

  3. Is your toolbar bonus broken, I can't click on it?

  4. facebook again killing tool bar
    killing tool bar url not working
    Facebook the anti social network

  5. The toolbar bonus was killed by Zynga many years ago. It will eventually stop working for all players. I'm surprised there are any left that it works for.


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