Jul 28, 2015

Challenge Mission 26: Bangkok (version 3)


The 26th Challenge Mission is now available. Use the links below if don't know what to do.


  1. Thanks for all the help you give to us! I was hoping to see the percentages per job in the different chapters, but by now I believe we won't see them. Thanks again for your continuous support in providing info to us players!

  2. The walkthrough link above takes us to a previous challenge in London.

    1. Yes, it's an older walkthrough since this is a copy/paste event. The ratios of these things can't be determined until the end since the chapters unlock every 3 days. I used to spend rps to get them on the day the chapter unlocked but due to lack of interest, I decided it wasn't worth the cost (it's a lot). They all tend to be around the same. Last chapters varies from 8% to 4% for the jobs. If you collect the max consumables per day and stay on yellow you will be able to finish. We haven't seen one where you couldn't yet.


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