Jun 17, 2015

Zynga Mock War Sponsorship Program Suspended


Zynga announced on their blog that the Mock War Sponsorship Program has been temporarily suspended [1]. It was just a few days ago that Linda Meyers Ferranti posted on our fan page that many families applied for sponsorship but Zynga has never responded [1]. At least these families have an answer to go with the apology. The good news is that the community doesn't need Zynga to have Mock Wars and Linda is still updating the Event Calendar. If you like Mock Wars there are plenty of them to join. Go here to sign up. Perhaps the scariest thing about this announcement is that Zynga is spending their time to work on new features and improvements to make Mafia Wars 'even more fun'. The need to make if fun before they can make it more fun! The current line up of repeating events has made this game a chore and that's where they need to start. The first rule of fun games should always be 'Less is More'.


  1. I would say if they want to bring fun back into the game maybe they should think of how they could have events that didnt seem to punish those that actually have to work for a living but are still daily players. I have nothing but respect for those retired and have a love for the game but those that have to work daily seem to be at an unfair advantage due to timers .

  2. Screw Zynga and the monkeys that 'work' there (they've been screwing us anyway).....a HUGE thank you though to Linda, Jon and the rest of the awesome team at Hot Spot for all the dedication and organization they do there. ((bow))

  3. i used to like these "Mock wars events" back in the days like "Thunderdome" and a few more others
    but lately these have been getting out of hand just to many of them in my opinion
    just like Zynga is doing with the ongoing repeat events like your saying .
    for these Mock/birthday events it all kinda went in a frenzy mode after Zynga started sponsoring them more to give a loot item
    these are getting boring as well specially if you see so many of them , hack i even seen double triple mocks/birthday events
    have no problems with doing events but yes lately have been forced to skip events just isn't fun anymore if you cant finish them and just not enough time to do them all

    so yes it goes for both the regular repeat events and these mocks , just to many !!

    Slow down Zynga let us get a breather in between events , Please thank you !!!!

  4. Now why on earth would they suspend this popular feature? I mean, how hard can it be to generate a couple loot items, right? Unless, of course, the artist staff has been laid off... which would mean that everything they're feeding us right now is canned...

    1. That's what I'm thinking. They have so many loot left and that's why VIP/fight/arena/war loot is all the same now except from the star colour.

      Then we moved down on the list of never updated game they don't care about all but 3 have closed down.

      Then they aint making more loot. Sure they say it'll come back but jen posted about this with another game only a few weeks ago. They said some stuff was turned off for a while.

      All of this points towards them winding the game down and running the remaining loot down before MW takes it's final breath. I've spent a long time telling people it won't go anywhere soon but even I can't keep saying that now it's pretty obvious Zynga is done with this now.

  5. There is no saving MW's

  6. Haha, thanks for telling us, Zynga... not that we didn't already knew this... you have been ignoring families for what... 2-3 months now?? haha... your ways of running this crappy company never seizes to amaze me... it's DISGUSTING is what it is - and IF you had a shred of of consciousness, you should be ASHAMED... but, we all know there is nothing in there... and you couldn't care less.

    So, does this also mean that the sponsored event Alumni Family hosted 5 weeks ago... which you already accepted as an event... and put on the updated list won't get their loot? How honorable of you guys... I'm seriously shocked .. .I don't even know what to say anymore, haha... it's pointless, hopeless and meaningless...


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