Jun 29, 2015

VIP Loot: Generation 40


The 40th generation of VIP loot is now available. As soon as I max, I'm cancelling my subscription. Since only 2 of the 8 items help me, I won't be missing out on much.

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  1. WOW!!! You can actually use TWO of these items?? You're lucky :D I haven't been able to use ANY of the VIP loot in ages... and all eight loots this time are worthless too... even the declare war loot that are better than VIP loot are worthless... I understand why you would cancel your subscription... we should ALL do that... I am seriously having a hard time finding just ONE benefit... and we already know that the next two tiers won't bring anything useful either - and we won't see any new tiers before April 2016...and let's hope this game will be LOOOOOONG gone by then.

    Thanks for another batch of CRAP, Zynga :)


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